You have reached the head-quarters of awesomeness. Ha-ha-ha! Like that place actually exists. Anyway, you are probably reading this because, like me, you have nothing better to do with your time and came across this website just in the nick of time to save you from all that boredom that was heading coming your way…. or you probably do, and all that I just said is just plain garbage .

Okay, okay. Enough about that, you can head over to the blog section to read about my many encounters I’ve had while striving for world domination. or any of my many rants that are a result of my day to day challenges that I had to endure.

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About Me

Thapelo Moeti is the name and programming is the name of the game. No, I'm not a poet, but everything I do is art. When I'm not coding my life away, I'm enjoying the simple things in life. You know, the likes of chilling with family, catching up on some tweets, and most importantly, some sleep time.


Always hope for the best


the quicker you adapt, the more chances you have of survival


new is glue, and I don't like glue


the world keeps changing, and I never stop learning


always keep moving forward


the question is, can it be more simplified or efficient?


stop, think, then do. Repeat!


it's something you are born with


this is just my day job, I'm actually a ninja


always see the bigger picture, no matter how small