Okay, so WordPress 5.0 is coming and I’m not ready. All my code is still stuck on 4.7 and I am no way ready to update any of it.

But anyway let’s discuss this update for a second; so the core team decided to build a Wysiwyg editor and incorporate it into the next update because THEY are tired of how things have been done in the past and think WE need to change. Well, isn’t that just great. There goes free will and in comes dictatorship (Angular, I’m looking at you). What ever happened to creating plugins people?

And this version 5.x is a bit of a confusion since not much will break, and there is always that option to install the “classic editor” to get things back to the old 4.7 way of doing things. The question still remains; Without the Gutenberg editor (which I currently still believe should remain a plugin), are we really doing that much of a update to change to version 5?

Naahhh, I’m just kidding. Gutenberg is GREAT. I love it. I’m just mad (at myself mostly) because I didn’t keep my eye on the ball. Now I have to go play catch-up. Agggg….