Yes, yes, I’m still on that redemption journey for the year that was, and I’m glad to say things are looking up. The next project I should tick off my list is a theme inspired by colors. And I didn’t disappoint with this one (I hope).

My biggest hurdle seems to be applying CSS to the HTML and getting it to work perfectly across different browsers, and sometimes (like most recently) even on the same browser but different versions. I guess this is why Bootstrap and the likes are so popular among web developers, they just save you the headache. But no, not Tee, he just enjoys banging his head against a brick wall. Sigh!

Anyway, back to the problem at hand, at times a quick Google search solves the problem, but most of the time is spent on doing good old trial and error. Yes, I hear you there at the back, it truly is time wasted doing nothing. I might as well just have watched something on the TV, at least then there I might have learned something new. I seriously need to be efficient in how I handle these CSS nightmares.

And while we still on that ‘browsers don’t play nice topic’, there is also this vendor prefixing debacle. Yes, I mean the Safaris of this world who just don’t want to give a nigga a break. I understand when things are still in experimental phase, but as soon as you ‘are sure’ so to speak, you have just have to drop it. Why does it always have to be your way or the highway?