So, as with all the reinventing the wheel projects I’ve taken, this one has to take the cake. Talk about going completely off course and completely wasting my time and energy. This project set me back two (make that three) full sleepless and painfully long weeks.

So what is it?

Well, LitePress, is exactly as the name implies, is a small script that runs similar to (and is not) WordPress. This year I thought I would switch it up and start developing WordPress themes instead of those HTML5 Templates I’ve been doing the past year, but during my first attempt, I was just so annoying to me how many loops I had to go through to try out a new theme. Installing and activating a theme, then resetting menus and widgets was such a drag, it got me thinking, surely there’s a better way. And indeed there was, because I created it.


I had an idea of what it should be, but at its core I just wanted a small, portable script I can use to test out themes. From its inception, its main (and hopefully only) priority was to work independently with almost any theme. It should make the theme run as it would as if it was in WordPress. This meant making sure I implemented action and filter hooks correctly. And the script is able to translate shortcodes, and finally have some sort of database system that I can work with.

How it works?

Well, you drop in a few files (i.e. the .htaccess and wp-inc folder) into the theme folder, and wala, you should now have a working site. This means you can extract your theme’s files and it’s files and folders into you root folder, and you should have a fully working site (haha, take that 5 minute WordPress setup).

I could not stress the importance of how this project is still a work in progress, but it got me so excited that I chose to write about it anyway.