The QuizMe Script

July 2, 2015 PHP , Projects

Learning something new can take years to get right, and even that doesn’t guarantee that you will get understand it fully. I’m not referring to quantum physics or finding the cure for cancer here, but hey, if the shoe fits…. well, you know the saying. The fact is, we human think we know so much, but in truth we know so little.

But enough about the shortcomings of the human species, let’s get to the matter at hand. After a long day of “learning”, I figured I needed an app that can quiz me at a later stage on all the things I thought I had “learned”. After being overwhelmed by the choices that were presented to me after doing a quick Google search, I decided to take the less traveled “do-it-yourself” approach. After all, all I had was time, and a desire to learn.


I attempted to keep it simple, while not being too obvious.

  • CRUD system
  • multiple choice answers
  • randomize questions and answers
  • option of topic for question
  • option for number of question
  • reminds me before “marking” about skipped questions
  • shows me results when done

I thought about a saving results feature for reviewing and to track progress but that would require a user based system which would just make things complicated. After a weeks of procrastinating I finally have the first working release. Version 0.1 baby.

You can check out the source code HERE!