Last month I took a step into the MVC world and it was nothing to write home about. “It will all makes sense once you understand it” is what I would tell my peers who are clueless when it comes to this sort of things. Being a junior at everything sucks, but luckily, PHP is one of those easy to learn languages and thanks to it I feel at ease when I get approached with a problem.

After following the tutorial on CakePHP, I was really intrigued with the model/database object that was available to the controller. And out came my coding ninja instincts and that was the last page I read for that week.


Having done something similar in the past, I realized that things can get really complicated really fast, so for the first release let’s get the basics first. I needed a database object, which can access a database and all it’s tables. It should do simple CRUD operations. It should have an easy setup process. And after all that, maybe in the next release this, we can get into the real meaty stuff like table joins, maybe transactions, and much later some ORM magic.

I still don’t know much about CakePHP but I’m proud that opening that e-book wasn’t a complete waste of time.