Ahhh, the prospects of November just bring on that feeling of looking back on the year that was. Not being the type to disappoint, I also traveled down that memory lane, and it doesn’t look anything like how I envisioned it at the beginning of the year. I had a long list of exciting projects I just wanted to get my teeth into, another list for books to read up on, and another even longer list of long lost friends I wanted to reconnect with. But then reality struck, and lucky enough for them (the lists that is), I got none done. I really think they rejoice when you don’t concern yourself with ticking things off from them.

The projects I was most interested in, were the likes of fixing the QuizMe script, improving tClone to do beyond the basics, and getting started on the QuizMe AI…. and all those projects which will just make me too depressed if I mentioned them. Sad!

guy punching himself

I so deserve to do this to myself

I could try and blame someone or something for this unacceptable behavior, but it’s about time I put it on myself. As I write this I just think if there is anything I can do to at least not look like a total failure, but I think that ship has already sailed. Poor Tee!